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CareAssess™ pricing is designed to meet your requirements.

You only pay for what you need!

CareAssess™ Pricing:

Platform License: $5000 

Assessors: $100/Assessor

Trainees: $50/Trainee

License and access to platform is a full year subscription and can be auto-renewed.

Assessment Instrument Pricing:

1 Instrument - $125

5 Instrument bundle - $500

10 Instrument bundle - $950

20 Instrument bundle - $1800

Software - Sample 1 for three columns


• One year access to CareAssess™ platform as an administrator.

• Allows for any number of assessors (assessor privileges) and trainees (those being assessed). 

• Shop the Metrics Medicus supported library of assessment instruments. 

• Supports the creation of custom assessment instruments. 

• Allows an administrator to manage assessment data tied to the license.

  • • Access to Metrics Medicus Support Team.

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• One year access to CareAssess™ platform.

• Assessors are provided access to the CareAssess™ platform as long as they are associated with an active license.

• Assessors can access all assessment instruments in the administrators library. 

• Assessors can use assessment instruments to assess trainees in the trainee library. 

• Assessors can develop custom assessment instruments. 

• Assessors have access to all metrics and analytics generated by assessment instruments. 


Software - Sample 3 for three columns


• One year access to CareAssess™ platform.

• Trainees are provided the outcomes from their assessments directly via email. 

• Trainee performance outcomes have privacy controls.

• Trainees can retain the results of performance assessments .

• Trainees may purchase a portfolio license to retain their assessment records over time and across institutions.

• Only registered trainees can be assessed using the platform

  Assessment Instruments

CareAssess™ provides access to assessment instruments from the Metrics Medicus library or those you create using the assessment builder.

• Assessment instruments may be purchased singly or in bundles for specific clinical needs and specialties.

• Purchased assessment instruments are not editable to assure psychometric integrity is maintained.

• Metrics Medicus will customize assessments to meet your specific needs. Contact Us to find out more.

• Users may create customized assessment instruments to meet their specific needs. Metrics Medicus facilitates the distribution of user generated assessment instruments after reviewing for psychometric integrity. Metrics Medicus will compensate instrument authors through direct payment of sales royalties.

Example Pricing

Medical/Surgical Residency 


 (billed annually)
  • License: $5000
  • 5 Assessors: $500

  • 20 Trainees: $1000
  •   30 Assessment Instrument Bundles 

    (Clinical Reasoning; Professionalism; Procedural; Team Engagement; Patient Management; Scholarship): $2750

Clinical Student Clerkship


 (billed annually)
  • License: $5000

  • 5 Assessors: $500

  • 100 Trainees: $5000

  • 5 Assessment Instrument Bundle  (Clerkship Specialty): $500

Hospital Nursing Education


 (billed annually)
  • License: $5000

  • 10 Assessors: $1000

  • 500 Trainees: $25000

  • 30 Assessment Instrument Bundles

    (Emergency; Critical Care; Inpatient; Ambulatory; Surgical; Management): $2750

Hospital Quality & Safety 


 (billed annually)
  • License: $5000
  • 30 Assessors: $3000
  • 1000 Trainees: $50000
  • 10 Assessment Instrument Bundles (Quality; Safety): $950

Priced for Your Needs.

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